It’s imperative that we receive as much information as possible, so that we can provide you with the most accurate proposal. We do realise that a lot of problems will appear as we are working on the project, however if you see a problem you would like to be solved or you like a certain solution, let us know in this brief. We endeavour the solve your problems and take this headache away from you, but to do so we need to gain in-depth understanding of your business and your requirements.

We appreciate any and all feedback. Please use the section 14.1

1. Client and Tasks

1.1 Client

Please provide company name and a profile

1.2 Product & Brand

Please specify company brand and product regarding this brief

1.3 Task

What is exactly expected to be done?

2. Background

2.1 Problem you would like to be tackled

Please specify main problems with your current website, what do you like and dislike about it?

3. Target Audience

3.1 Who is the target audience?

Who are your clients? What do we know about them? Their age, lifestyle etc.

3.2 What vision about that brand should the target audience have?

What is a desired image? What should target audience think after seeing this work?

4. Limitations & Guidance of the project

4.1 Communication channels

What communication channels are involved in this brief? This is concerning communication between your company and your customers. Eg. Live-chat, newsletters, contact forms etc.

4.2 Mandatory

Which elements are mandatory in this project i.e. logo, typography, branding, blog - for website, etc.

4.3 Integrations

Should the website integrate with any other systems? Typically you want your website to integrate with stock management, analytics or affiliate systems. If this is the case, and API documentation or guide from each of these suppliers should be sought and this should be included in your specification.

4.4 Resources

Are there any available resources i.e. images, graphics, text etc? How about Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy?

4.5 Visual Guidance

Include a list of sites you like and don't like, with a short description explaining why.

4.6 Competitors

Who are your closest competitors? What are they up to? Who has the best site and why? Who isn't doing so well?

5. Updates and maintenance

5.1 How often will the website be updated? Would you like to update it yourself?

6. Hosting

6.1 Would you like us to provide you with hosting services? If not, do you have a hosting plan? Who with, and what type of plan? We will need login details.

7. Backups

7.1 Do you want your website to be backed up?

8. Domain

8.1 Do you need a domain? If not, we will need domain login details.

9. Ecommerce

9.1 Alternative channels

If your project is regarding ecommerce, would you need your products to appear on Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest or other?

10. Social Media

10.1 Social Media channels

What Social Media are you using at the moment for your business? Provide links. Do you need any new Social Media channels to be created for you?

11. SSL Certificate

11.1 Would you like a SSL certificate to be installed on your website?

What type? Are you going to purchase it yourself or should we find a suitable one? Click here for more info. Not applicable to e-commerce, since all our e-commerce websites have SSL certificates installed.

12. Deadline

12.1 When the project should be finished by?

12.2 If the deadline is approaching quickly, perhaps a more basic version of your shop can be put online whilst the full version is in the works.

13. Budget

13.1 What is your budget?

This is a very important question. Most websites have single cost paid to us and monthly costs paid for hosting, backups, Shopify, external applications etc. We always do our best to ensure the website meets all the requirements, but sometimes we are forced to cut down on features. This estimate will allow us to propose website within your budget.

14. Other Information

14.1 Use the space below to let us know about any other requirements, guidelines and problems to be solved.

14.2 Your name

14.3 Your email

14.4 Terms and Conditions

16.4.1 This Brief does not bind you (Client) or us (Nott Development Studios) to any contracts. The sole purpose of this brief is to establish your requirements so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

16.4.2 Everything in this Brief can be shared between any person working for Nott Development Studios. None of the above information will be shared with any 3rd party

I have read and accept Terms and Conditions